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Architecture & Planning

Design, visualize, promote and sell!

Kraken Realtime offers a large panel of products designed to help you to design, visualize, promote and sell your project.

Our virtual walkthroughs allow the user to visualize in immersion, every details of building prior construction. By offering to the user the liberty to go where he wants, to see what he wants, our solution passes the limits and constrains of the traditional CGIs and animations used in the industry.

These solutions can also prevent a lot of errors prior construction by allowing the designer to visualize the project in every details and walk through it.

Attract your audience!

For the public institutions, our master planning solution can help them to reach a wider audience to show their future projects. Our solutions are a great way to communicate with the population as they are fun, informative, visually more understandable than CADs, more accessible and easily distributed.

We also create interactive brochures apps to help promote and sell properties and housing developments. It is a merge between a virtual walkthrough and all the information and branding of a brochure. It allows the property marketer to widely promote their properties via mobile and tablets and their customers to visit and receive all the necessary information prior the visit on site. This tool is key to boost up your property marketing!

Our offer


Are you dreaming about visiting your future home before it’s even built?

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More understandable for the consumer than the traditional architect cads, the interactive floorplans are key to boost up your apartments sales. They allow a visualization on (...)

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Our tools help your to demonstrate accurately and inform the public and the authorities of the positive impact of your project on its environment

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Whether it be for building a whole new housing development or for town regeneration, our tool gives a clear view of the whole project, all the construction phases in detail a (...)

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  • Different scenarios

    Present different scenarios of interiors furnishing, before/after phases of construction in one click!

  • Impact assessment study

    Demonstrate accurately the impact of a new construction on its environment, clearly visualize the impact on the sunlight, etc.

  • An innovative tool

    Equip yourself with a new innovative tool to boost up your real estate sales and distinguish yourself from your competitors.

  • Sale managment

    Manage online your housing development sales app. Give a real time overview of the available assets.

  • Accessible and user friendly

    Our apps are designed to be simple and intuitive for the consumer. Available on mobile they are easily shared.

  • Consultate the public opinion

    We've implemented built-in forms and statistic tools in our apps so you can be in contact with your public and understand their needs.

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If you already have an idea in mind or if you need our expertise to help you create and promote your project, the Kraken Realtime team has the talent, the creativity and the passion to fulfill your needs for your project.

If you have any inquiries about what we do or questions about how can we adapt our technologies to your business sector, do not hesitate to contact us or ask for a call back.

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