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E-learning & Serious Gaming

Learn, teach and train!

Kraken Realtime allies its expertise in simulation and gaming to help you to learn, teach and train with unique, comprehensive and stimulating learning solutions.

On the basis of your course, we develop a tailor-made interactive and fun training application, adapted to meet your needs as a teacher and the needs of your students. Our training tools have highly realistic 3D visuals, we can recreate situations and scenarios complex to reproduce in real life and repeat them as much as it’s needed.

A new way to learn!

Learning with a game has been proving to be more efficient than traditional and it is used more and more in schools and in companies. The fun aspect of the game gives a deeper immersion and interaction with the user than any other media, therefor the learning becomes easier.

Our solutions are flexible and easily deployable, they have built-in statistic tools to give you a follow up on your students.

It has never been so easy to learn than with fun!

Take a look at our immersive training solutions. Using the latest cutting edge technologies in terms of immersion and virtual reality, these solutions will place you directly in situation to learn by repeating the movements required but in a virtual world.


  • Flexibility

    Diminuish the time and logistic constraints, each user can learn from his desktop computer or anywhere on his tablet.

  • Analyse the results

    A set of built-in tracking and statistic features allows you to follow up on the progression and results of every students.

  • Encourage, engage and stimulate

    The student is the actor of his learning, he is personally engaged into the action of learning which strongly facilitate the learning curve and at his rhythm.

  • Taylor-made training solutions

    We make a point of developing with you the most adapted solution to fit the needs of your training.

  • Save money !

    Same time, transport and money from your training, the E-learning allows to learn more to more students at the same time and for a reduced cost.

  • Fun !

    The fun aspect of this type of training tools assure you a stronger implication of the student and therefor a more efficient learning.

  • Motivate the student

    A trophies and sub tasks system can be put in place to encourage and motivate the student to pursue his learning.

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If you already have an idea in mind or if you need our expertise to help you create and promote your project, the Kraken Realtime team has the talent, the creativity and the passion to fulfill your needs for your project.

If you have any inquiries about what we do or questions about how can we adapt our technologies to your business sector, do not hesitate to contact us or ask for a call back.

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