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Events & trade shows

Promote, extend and augment your visibility

At Kraken Realtime, we offer a complete interactive solution design to help event agencies and tradeshow agencies to promote, extend and augment the visibility of their visibility.

Extend the reach of your event or trade show to the virtual world by creating a parallel event on the web. Keep in touch with the visitors between two events by having a intermediary virtual event online, it will incitate them to come to the next event.

Boost your event attendance

Push the geographical limits and increase the audience of your event by inviting to your web virtual event the visitors who couldn’t make it to the physical event.

The virtual trade show is a flexible tool, a turnkey solution easy to set up. As it doesn’t need much logistic to open its doors, our virtual tradeshow allows you to create an unlimited number of trade shows all along the year at lower cost.

Our offer


Our virtual tradeshow is an online solution, turn key, that allows your to open the doors of your online virtual tradeshow in only few clicks. You will be able to manage all (...)

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  • A new way to communicate

    Dynamise your communication strategy and distinguish yourself from your competitors by presenting your products and services through an innovative and interactive universe to generate new contacts and clients.

  • Virtual badge

    The virtual badge works like in a real trade show, you will be able to know who is visiting your tradeshow and to offer them a personalized tour.

  • Sell faster

    Accélérez la prise de décision d'achat en présentant vos produits et services de manière innovante et attractive.

  • Social networks

    Connected to the social networks our apps are easily shared and spread to maximise your visibility.

  • Statistics

    Our statistics tools will give you an accurate feeback to follow up and analyse the interest of the visitors to each booths and each products.

  • Event open 24/7

    Organize an unlimited number of online virtual event, when you want and for as long as you want.

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If you already have an idea in mind or if you need our expertise to help you create and promote your project, the Kraken Realtime team has the talent, the creativity and the passion to fulfill your needs for your project.

If you have any inquiries about what we do or questions about how can we adapt our technologies to your business sector, do not hesitate to contact us or ask for a call back.

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