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Industrial & medical training

Prototype, test and train!

Kraken Realtime offers fully comprehensive immersive solutions for simulation and training purpose designed to help you to prototype, test and train using the latest cutting edge technologies in terms of immersive simulations.

Our immersive solutions pass the limits of the use of a physical equipment. Whether it be to learn surgical techniques or how to drive construction vehicles, our tools allows to repeat without limitations all the movement of the process , using physical 3D printed tool linked to the virtual simulation, without any risk of material or human damage.

These immersive simulators reduce considerably the costs associated with the training on physical model built in wood on a 1:1 scale which are costly and quickly obsolete.

Prototype and evolve faster

Validating virtual prototype, physically accurate, allows to speed up the cycles of conception by testing a greater number of hypothesis. That implicates a strong decrease of the costs of physical tests and research and also a great gain of time.


  • Gain time

    The prototype validation process becomes a lot faster and less expansive using virtual models and prototypes rather than physical ones.

  • Fast iterative development process

    As the validation process becomes faster with the virtual models, you can do a lot more testing and therefor your product will evolve a lot faster.

  • Portability

    We pass the constraints of the use of a physical model built in a 1:1 scale by creating a solution a lot more portable and replicable.

  • Evolutivity

    Our solutions are flexible and can be updated easily to add a new equipment tool or a new process to learn.

  • Infinite repetition

    At any time, you have the ability to reset and restart the simulation, which allows you to repeat, without any waiting time, all the actions to learn and as many time as needed. Therefor you can train yourself to do the same movement a lot more time.

  • 3D printed tools

    Using 3D printed copies tools helps to reproduce accurately the optimal conditions to learn and without any risk of material damage by the user.

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