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Marketing & Communication

Innovate, distinguish yourself and promote!

Kraken Realtime offers a large panel of products designed to help you to innovate, distinguish yourself and promote your company by using cutting edge technologies little known by the general public.

Our innovative products offer a whole new experience to your client, assuring you an original and efficient communication medium, distinguishing you from your competitors.

Furthermore, these products perfectly fit to a cross-media campaign, being social media connected and easily sharable they will help you to maximize your visibility and the impact of your campaign.

A Wow effect!

Make sure that you will have a Wow effect by using our apps, their connectivity will assure you a diffusion quick and viral to create a buzz!

Our offer


Use an advergame to create a strong bond between your brand and your customers. This mini-game staging your brand is an interactive and attractive solution.

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This mini-game staging your brand is an interactive and attractive solution

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Give to your customers the opportunity to be able to choose every single element of their kitchen, of their furniture or even of their car

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  • Statistics

    Our statistics tools will give you an accurate feedback to follow up and analyze the usage of our apps from your clients.

  • Social networks

    Connected to the social networks our apps are easily shared and spread to maximize your visibility.

  • A fun experience

    The fun aspect of our apps assure an interaction with the customer way stronger than any other type of media.

  • Create the buzz!

    Our innovative technologies will immediately trigger a surprise and admiration effect to your customers assuring you a strong potential of recommendations.

  • Application to your image

    At Kraken Realtime we create tailor-made application to completely retranscribe your brand and the values of your company!

  • Distinguish yourself!

    Our solutions and our expertise will assure you to distinguish yourself from your competitors on a technological, creative and innovative level.

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If you already have an idea in mind or if you need our expertise to help you create and promote your project, the Kraken Realtime team has the talent, the creativity and the passion to fulfill your needs for your project.

If you have any inquiries about what we do or questions about how can we adapt our technologies to your business sector, do not hesitate to contact us or ask for a call back.

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