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Augmented Reality

Astound, entertain and promote

At Kraken Realtime we use our know-how and our expertise in augmented reality to help you astound, entertain and promote.

The augmented reality is a cutting-edge technology capable to add virtual objects and information to our vision of the real world, often via a smartphone or a tablet. The augmented reality creates interactions between the virtual and the real world.

Do you hesitate between two sofas for your new living room? Or maybe between two colors for the sofa? Imagine that you could compare them directly in your living room, at the place you want them and compare the different choices. We have the solution for you

Imagine being able to present to your clients, on site, all the products of your catalog like if they were physically here on the table and that from your smartphone or your tablet? We have the solution for you.

Imagine yourself interacting with a movie poster and watch the trailer directly on it. We have the solution for you.

Astound the consumer

At Kraken Realtime, we ally our creativity and our expertise in augmented reality to create innovative and tailor-made applications that will, without a doubt, distinguish you from your competitors. Impress your clients, amaze the audience and attract the attention.

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  • Transportable

    A simple smartphone is enough to present your entire collection of products to someone like if he had it in his hands.

  • Astound your audience

    Our interactive augmented reality apps will surprise the consumer and create admiration and have a strong power of recommandation.

  • Social networks

    Connected to the social networks our apps are easily shared and spread to maximise your visibility.

  • Distinguish yourself!

    Our solutions and our expertise will assure you to distinguish yourself from your competitors on a technological, creative and innovative level.

  • Added info

    The augmented reality allows to add interactive content like videos, vouchers, games to your actual products.

  • Statistics

    Our statistics tools will give you an accurate feeback to follow up and analyse the usage of our apps from your clients.


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If you already have an idea in mind or if you need our expertise to help you create and promote your project, the Kraken Realtime team has the talent, the creativity and the passion to fulfill your needs for your project.

If you have any inquiries about what we do or questions about how can we adapt our technologies to your business sector, do not hesitate to contact us or ask for a call back.

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